Black Education For New Orleans (BE NOLA) is a Black-governed, Black-led nonprofit organization whose mission is to support Black educators and schools to ensure an education that creates better outcomes and opportunities for Black children in New Orleans as a critical factor in building a thriving Black community that is politically, economically and socially strong.


Every Black student in New Orleans will have a real opportunity to receive an equitable, quality, culturally-affirming education in schools where they are loved, cared for, and able to realize their God-given potential.

Theory of Action

BE NOLA achieves impact by helping to bring resources to Black-governed and Black-led single-site and network schools, providing professional development, disseminating information to inform schools, policy makers, and the larger public about outcomes for students, and when necessary serving as a convener for Black educators and the families they serve.

Core Beliefs

  1. We believe Black educational excellence has always existed in this city and exists today, and that the contributions of Black educators are essential to ensure a quality education for every child in New Orleans.

  2. We believe that Black parents, students, families and community members are the experts on their experiences and a source of creative, innovative solutions to address the academic issues and social-emotional needs of our children.

  3. We believe that the improvement of the overall living conditions and the economic and political empowerment of our children’s families and communities must be an explicit part of any serious long-term strategy to improve their education.