Rev. Thomas B. Watson
Watson Teaching Memorial Ministries

Board Chair

Senior Pastor, Watson Teaching Memorial Ministries The Rev. Tom Watson has dedicated his life to public service as a pastor, community organizer and leader in the city of New Orleans. In 1988, Pastor Watson was ordained into ministry and assumed pastoral leadership on the same night. He serves as Senior Pastor of Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries (located in Uptown and Algiers). Pastor Watson started the Citywide Men’s Conference that featured a 1000 Men March that focused on developing the male seed, strengthening the family and crime prevention. In recent years, Pastor Watson has convened a Citywide Summit on the African American Male where a community dialogue and call-to-action take place that address crime, Black men and boys, and their relationship with the police. More than 400 community leaders, sitting mayors, state and local law makers, law enforcement and federal officials, judges, grass root organizers and concerned citizens have gathered for the annual event.

Pastor Watson is the founder of the Youth March-for-Jobs Initiative that promoted employment of young people during the summer of 1994 when the city’s murder rate skyrocketed to over 400. Pastor Watson served as co-chair of the New Orleans Public Schools Taskforce on Dropout Prevention and the U.S. Attorney’s Office Weed and Seed Crime Fighting Program. In 2006, Pastor Watson offered his time, talents and leadership to run for mayor of New Orleans to ensure that the city was rebuilt with equity. Pastor Watson's life and brave actions reflect his need to give back to the community he loves and a personal responsibility to do what is right and just.